About Us

We are a family farm located in the Cane Creek Valley area of Fairview, NC. We are at the end of the pavement on Willie Mae Way at the intersection of Cane Creek and Concord Roads. This farm has been in our family for over thirty years. My grandfather, Roy Wilson, started farming here in the 1970's after retiring from the construction industry. It was just something to keep him and my grandmother, Willie Mae, occupied in their retirement and they both loved it! As a kid, I used to love coming out here to help Papaw pick strawberries or dig potatoes, and help Mamaw break and string beans. They passed away in 2001, and that is when my father, Ray, decided to start farming the land. He leased surrounding land from neighbors and eventually grew the farm from 20 acres to over 100 acres! He started growing tomatoes and peppers for commercial production and it continued to grow, literally. In 2005, my husband and I moved to the farm with our three boys. We still had people coming by the farm from time to time to buy boxes of tomatoes, beans and corn, just like they had done when my papaw was still alive. Then in 2007, we decided to open a produce stand offering all the produce we were growing. In 2009, we built two greenhouses and started growing some of our own vegetable transplants and bedding plants to sell. Now, here is 2010 and here we "grow" again!!